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I got bored of waiting for them to update the version of firefox-3.5 in the repos (currently 3.5 RC2) to one of the final builds, so I downloaded 3.5.1 from and extracted it to a folder on my desktop.

Then I changed my firefox shortcuts from /usr/bin/firefox %u to /home/me/Desktop/firefox/firefox %u . However since I have done this, I've noticed a few problems:

  • Some images (including parts of the UI) are being rendered in greyscale

Example Image

(this image is itself appearing in greyscale to me in the preview)

  • Some javascript does not run. No errors, no anything, it just doesn't run.

Has anyone else encountered these problems, and know of a possible fix? I've tried disabling all add-ons, to no avail.

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I asked this on bugzilla, and this comment:

Does it work if you change gfx.color_management.mode from 2 to 0 in about:config ?

solved it.

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I had to restart my PC before I saw the changes take effect.. not sure why. But I'm grateful for the answer!!! – Johnathan Elmore Aug 27 '12 at 19:07

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