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Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post. I tried searching for this issue and all that seemed to come up were questions posted from people who had this issue with their web pages. I couldn't find questions related to this issue from a laypersons perspective.

I'm not a developer. I have no domain, nor wish to have one at the time. Rather I'm just a regular person who likes to upload photos to some photo related sites. My uploading process constantly gets interrupted by one of these annoying API errors. I get it at least two times, one when I click the page to upload, and also right after it has uploaded. It also pops up if I go to edit a photo or delete it. This interrupts my browsing experience until I click okay.

I just want a fix for the annoying without having to register for a key. I tried before and it required a web domain. I rather not have to create a domain and go through such hoops just to fix this. Is there a solution for this problem that doesn't require registration?

Another thing to note: I have used two computers. One has the message pop-up and the other doesn't. What is different about the two computers?

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This is not something a user can fix, it has to be done by the person who developed the photo uploading application you are using. Notify the site owner that you are getting this popup.

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Just odd that one computer didn't have the issue, but then again it could be I had something disabled. I'm not savoy enough to know my exact settings between computers. The website in question is ( I sent a comment to them about being unable to edit my profile but haven't heard back. I doubt they will fix the API key if only a handful of users get it. (I perceive this because of the lack of user complaints found in general on the net about this issue.) – MJI Jun 9 '10 at 3:14
@MJI: The web site could be load balanced and there is one server that does not have the key installed. If they have sticky IP sessions then that would explain why one computer gets the error and the other does not. – Randy Levy Jun 9 '10 at 3:18
Interesting. This is the kind of stuff that perks my curiosity. I sent them a ticket about the problem, noting some users don't get the API error while some do. (omitting that I have two computers to avoid responses like "check your settings.") I found out months ago out that there are users don't have the error when I posted a question once. The user responses were rather puzzled. – MJI Jun 9 '10 at 3:28

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