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I used Paintbrush drawing an icon, if it is on a colored background, it will display a white block shown as below.

Image without transparent background

I prefer to change the icon background from white color to transparent color:

Image as it should look like

Do I need a special tool?

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Personally, I use GIMP for all my graphics editing needs. It makes it trivial to make a png with transparency. If you do a lot of graphics, or even just playing around it is worth the download. Also, it's free.

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Thanks. But I am useing mac os x 10.5.8, there is no version of GIMP for it. – user36089 Jun 9 '10 at 11:42
@user36089: No, there area packages available: – Bobby Jun 9 '10 at 13:23

Have you checked alternativeTo for free alternatives to Adobe photoshop?

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You can actually do that using Paintbrush (Mac)

Select a foreground color - any color will do as our intention is to remove the background.

Select foreground color in Paintbrush

Next, drag the opacity slider from 100% to 0%. You should see your selected color turn into a grayish tone.

Remove Opacity to 0%

Now click the fill icon and click anywhere in the background.

Fill the background with transparent color

You should see the background is now transparent.

Background of image is now transparent

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