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I'm about to buy a Mac laptop, but I need to be able to use Windows 7 as well + encrypt the HDD with TrueCrypt (or a better alternative for the mac).

My questions are:

  1. How well does Windows 7 perform under boot camp?
  2. Will I be able to encrypt the whole HDD (with TrueCrypt or whatever else) and still use boot camp to dual-boot?

Your help is much appreciated

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1) Windows 7 runs at full speed under bootcamp. Bootcamp is not an emulator or virtual machine, simply a utility which makes it easier to install Windows - otherwise your intel-based Mac is not that different from any other PC laptop.

2) According to this document and this question, Truecrypt has issues with Windows not being the first partition when doing a full drive encryption because it expects Windows to be the first partition on the drive, and people haven't been too successful even with installing a custom bootloader. I would recommend using Windows 7's Bitlocker Drive encryption if your version has this feature if you wish to dualboot both windows and Macos x.

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Windows 7 performs very well on the Macbook Pro's I have tested on. 32 and 64 bit versions are supported. Gaming is noticeably faster on the Windows side of a Macbook Pro than the 10.6.3 side ...

You will not be able to use full disk encryption with Truecrypt. You may look into a pay solution such as PGP Desktop.

Truecrypt works very well on both systems. One option you may consider is creating a third partition, calling it DATA, and using TC to encrypt that.

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