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I'm trying to configure the cygwin to work with TWiki, I have to input this in the Cygwin bash shell:

mount -b -s c:/...

but it doesn't recognize the -s, I already fixed the problem with -b, it changed the syntax and now is mount -o binary for the mount -b part. But now it says unknown option with the -s What does the -s mean, so I can look it up?

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mount --help would be my guess... – Bobby Jun 9 '10 at 14:09

cygwin's mount does not support the -s option, but I doubt you need it.

Here is what it does:

Tolerate sloppy mount options rather than failing. This will ignore mount options not supported by a filesystem type. Not all filesystems support this option. This option exists for support of the Linux autofs-based automounter.

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