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I have a soundcard in my new PC at work that does not have the right driver installed, and I'm not sure what the manufacturer is. (it's a generic PC running Windows XP)

Is there a way to figure out what device it is w/o having to open the thing up or pester my IT department?

When I look at it in Device Manager it says IDT High Definition Audio CODEC and when I look around in the Properties dialog boxes there's a Device Instance ID of

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According to PC Drivers HeadQuarters your sound-card is IDT HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO CODEC MEDION REALTEK.

You might try downloading the XP executable installation from the Realtek site at Drivers & Utilities.

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Pester your IT department. If it's at work and it's a work computer, it's what thet get paid for.

As for how to track down what the device actually is: Usually Everest is pretty good at giving you a vendor name and model number of individual hardware components.

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Use HWiNFO32 it displays all your devices. You might need to uninstall the driver and then run it.

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