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I'm looking for a way to track myself and receive quality data upon which I can write future scripts/programs.

For example, I use Google Reader a lot. I'd like to track the hrefs that garner my clicks. Further, I'd like to drop all of the words of each href into a database where they can be stacked in a hierarchical manner. At the end of the week I want to know that "Ubuntu" garnered 448 clicks and "Cheetos" garnered 2. :)

That's just one example... I'd like this tracking and data-collecting to extend beyond my browser.

I know writing something to do this myself wouldn't be too awfully difficult but if something already exists I'd happily use it.

Thanks in advance.

Primary OS: Ubuntu 10.04


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I think you might like to look at tasktop. It is a task oriented system which record continuously open files, clicked URL and adds them to a task tracker (which integrates with a bunch of external task sources like bugzilla, Jira, Google mail/calendar, ...) so you can jump from task to task and find the context the same as it was before you jumped away.

I bet you can coax all that data out of it to make nice analysis.

I used it under Windows but in the mean time a Linux version is also available.

I'm watching the screencast now. I know very little about the product, but the presentation is amazing so far. Very impressed. – trench Jun 10 '10 at 0:58
This is a very good answer, but not what I'm looking for. I'd prefer non-invasive FOSS. Non-invasive meaning I don't want to see it running because if I constantly see it running it will subconsciously, and maybe consciously, alter my "typical" behavior. And my typical behavior is precisely what I'm trying to collect. That was still a very impressive presentation. Thanks. – trench Jun 10 '10 at 4:23

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