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For example, we have a paragraph:

Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

How can i prevent breaking the part "the lazy" ? I means, that this string will be incorrect in my formatting:

Quick brown fox jumps over the

lazy dog

But this one is correct:

Quick brown fox jumps over

the lazy dog

My text is large and hitting "Shift+Enter" at some placed is ugly, because everything will crash, when text size will be changed ...

Selecting the part "the lazy", right-click -> "Prevent breaking" does not works


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You can use a non-breaking space between the words that you'd like to keep together.

I'm not familiar with Apple's iWork, but in MS Office and OpenOffice you can do this with Ctrl+Shift+Space. It's sort of a standard shortcut, so you could try the equivalent combination for your system (Wikipedia says it's Option+Space).

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