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I have a machine with 4G of RAM, but running 32bit windows 7, so can only see 3G. I have read somwhere recently that that unused 1G can be used as a RamDisk. Is this true? What sort of program allows that, and how does it address that gig of RAM?

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G = Gravitational constant. GB = Gigabyte. – MDMarra Jun 11 '10 at 0:33
well, if you wanna get pedantic, it would be Gibibyte since we're talking about RAM. So GiB. – askvictor Jun 11 '10 at 0:45
I don't want to be pedantic. – MDMarra Jun 11 '10 at 1:28
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This is because the processor does not know how to access the space.

More detail on "why?"

if you REALLY want to give it a shot

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Superspeed Ramdisk -> Faq -> Unmanaged Memory

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I have been using VSuite RAMdisk (Free Edition) and it works.

I have not had any problems so far.

I have WinXP, 4GB of RAM, my RAMdisk is almost 1GB, and windows reports 3,144,680 KB physical memory available.

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I doesn't matter what you do or what program you use to "use" this "unused" 1G sooner or later a conflict will lead you to a BSOD or a crash. I've been trying at least 20 (Ramdisk, Russian things, Patchin PAE, etc..etc..) method/programs and believe me the result is just the same. This area is reserved by Windows to do some tasks (hardware reserved: card graphics.... Maybe not always by sooner or later it will use it! Don't waste your time looking for this miraculous method. Bill is a naughty boy, but this time is not his fault!

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