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On Firefox 3.5, when I drag down a tab, it opens in a new widnow (I suppose is the same as clicking with the rigth button on a tab and selecting Open In A New Tab).

If it isn't possible to avoid it, at least haw can I make the tab go back to the original window?

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Download bug489729 (Disable detach and tear off tab) 1.2 [Mozilla Add-ons]

Once you’ve installed the experimental Firefox extension, you’ll need to open up Add-ons from the Tools menu, and then choose “Disable detach tab” from the extension options page.

alt text

The change should be immediate, no more detaching tabs.

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I would recommend using the Plug-In called Tab Mix Plus. It has a bunch of options to tweak the behavior of the tabs in Firefox. I find this tool is one of my "Must Have" firefox plug ins. It provides the ability to control the behavior of opening new windows as well as a number of other handy features like being able to move tabs around from one window to another or to re-arrange the order they appear in the current window. Lifehacker named this as one of the "10 Must Have Firefox extensions".

Here is a list of the features...

  • Duplicates tabs
    • Opens a new tab with the same page and back/forward history
  • Controls tab focus
    • Allows the user to choose whether new tabs will be selected when created by various events (such as linking, opening bookmarks, etc.)
  • JavaScript decompiling
    • Allows JavaScript to be forced into a separate tab instead of a pop-up box, and allows the user to view the URL of the JavaScript page.
  • Changes handling of input
    • Some clicks, points, and key-presses can be assigned new tab-related functions
  • Recovers closed tabs and windows
    • Saves information about tabs and windows as they are closed, allowing the user to "undo" closing them, including retaining written information from the user (e.g. in a Wikipedia edit page)
  • Session Manager and Crash Recovery
    • Similar to bookmarks, saves the current set of open windows and tabs (and associated history) on command and in preparation for a crash (see Session Saver extension)

While you are at it...You might as well install colorful tabs too! You'll find it is helpful if you keep quite a few tabs open at once.

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+1 for tab mix plus, it contains features that Firefox should have for tabbed browsing by default, including fixing this issue. – jtimberman Jul 29 '09 at 16:34
Thanks JT! You have restored my faith in humanity :-P I was a bit disappointed to see a bug fix hack beat this one out knowing the differences between the two. – Axxmasterr Jul 29 '09 at 16:46

Disable Tab Tearing.. The Disable Firefox 3.5 Tab Tearing Edition

Refers to the Firefox Addon -- bug489729 (Disable detach and tear off tab) 1.3

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