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I have a pretty standard Acer desktop (I guess a predecessor of the X5900 model).

when playing mp3 / radio / youtube clips, the sound level is changing WITHIN the clip, highly annoying.

in the case of an mp3, the same mp3 will play at a constant sound level on my iPod, so clearly an issue with the computer.

problem existed under vista, I upgraded to windows 7 and have the same issue.

I guess it might be soundcard-related, so updated the drivers, no luck neither.

any idea ?


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I had the same problem and it is solved. I think it caused by kind of automatic/dynamic sound level contoller built in vista and in windows 7 (it is stronger in windows 7) and there is no button to disable it.

To solve this:

  • try to disable the equalizer on windows media player or if it is not disabled, reduce its high frequency level.
  • try to disable or adjust the sound card equalizer, if your sound card has its own equalizer.

I hople it works for you too. good luck

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