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I just began running Ubuntu Notebook on my 2GB USB stick, with 1GB persistence. After I installed XAMPP, I rebooted to make sure the persistence was working. It worked!

My XAMPP installation worked, and it comes up when I type localhost into the browser. The sample apps work, including the ones using MySQL. But I can't find the application files! I am used to the vast labyrinth of files in Windows Explorer, and looking through 'Files and Folders' in GNOME, there seem to only be 7 or 8 folders in the entire OS? What is really going on here? I looked through them all and where is XAMPP?

When I code PHP with a WAMP stack, all the .php files go in the 'WWW folder' What is the Linux equivalent of the WWW folder?

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how did you install XAMPP? there doesn't appear to be an official xampp package in the repositories. – quack quixote Jun 11 '10 at 12:28

The Linux equivalent of the WWW folder is usually in /var/www. All application files used to run the servers will be located scattered across several different directories. It's quite normal that a linux system only has about 8 directories in its root. It's all it needs.

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XAMPP runs fine, but there is no XAMPP folder, no var/www folder, no otf directory on my computer apparently – CDeanMartin Jun 11 '10 at 15:36
try running the find index.php command from the root... it might offer a clue. – BloodPhilia Jun 11 '10 at 15:54

To answer your second question.

When I code PHP with a WAMP stack, all the .php files go in the 'WWW folder' What is the Linux equivalent of the WWW folder?

In Ubuntu the 'default' location for the www folder is /var/www

Edit: For your first question /opt/lampp/htdocs/

Generally programs will install in 1 of 2 locations /bin/ or /sbin/. Now that isn't always true tho. One place to check would be /etc/ for a conf folder or file.

But a quick google shows me that xampp installs, if you follow the directions on their website, to the /opt/ directory.

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I followed the directions exactly. I know what folders im supposed to go to. I dont have any access to any system or program files, period. – CDeanMartin Jun 11 '10 at 15:33

Check /opt/lampp :) the linux equivalent of WWW folder is the /var/www folder but if you are using XAMPP it will be /opt/lampp/htdocs. I posted an answer to another one of your questions which is the same. Here it is ->

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I found a good answer here

Location of files and uploading

XAMPP by default uses /opt/lampp/htdocs as the root web directory. The easiest way to start working on files is to link a folder in your home directory into this directory. My user name is peter so I have /home/peter/public_html linked to /opt/lampp/htdocs/peter. So if I navigate to http: //localhost/peter/ I get a listing of all the files/folders in that directory. (As long is there isn't a index.php/html/etc file) To set this up, run in a terminal:

  1. Make public_html directory in home directory: Code:

    mkdir ~/public_html

  2. Link to /opt/lampp/htdocs Code:

    sudo ln -s ~/public_html /opt/lampp/htdocs/$USER

Now any files and folders you place in ~/public_html will be published to your personal webserver.

Bookmark http ://localhost/username to make this easy to access.

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