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i think that's what i need? i'm not sure

i'm trying to run a command line program (BLAST, from NCBI) but it won't recognise the commands (blastall, formatdb, etc.) so i think i need to add the folder the bin is in to the path environment variable?

i think that's what i need to do? i think that's what it's called?

I think i've been shown this a few times, but i don't need to do it often, so i keep forgetting.

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If you have the My Computer icon on your desktop, right-click on it and choose Properties. There should be a System Settings or Advanced System Settings button, click that. You should get a dialog window. Click the Advanced tab, and then the Environment Variables button.

In the System Variables box, scroll down to the Path entry, and double-click that entry to edit it. You can paste the needed path at the beginning of the field, making sure to add a semicolon (;) after it.

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