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This topic has been touched on before but not really answered. I have a dual monitor system and the colors differ wildly. I currently live Buenos Aires where color correction hardware costs premium prices. I do some graphic design, but don't require a pro-level calibration. That said, I'd like my monitors to be set as close to "true color" as possible.

I've located the useful and free Monitor Calibration Wizard, but it seems to adjust the entire system internally at startup. I could use the Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet to set a different ICC or ICM profile for each monitor, but the Monitor Calibration Wizard outputs its own format for profiles.

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I recommend Calibrize

  1. Download and install Calibrize

  2. Adjust your monitor so you view it directly on adjust your lights to how they are when you are working.

  3. Run calibrize and follow the tutorial it will generate a Windows compatible color profile in your Documents folder.

  4. Rename the Profile to the name of your monitor.

  5. Repeat 2 - 4 having moved Calibrize to your second monitor.

  6. Load the profiles to the corresponding monitors in windows color management.

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