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I have Adobe Flash CS4 and was wondering if there was a quick keyboard command that would allow me to navigate to the next frame.

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Action                    Key
========================  ===
Step Forward One Frame     .
Step Backward One Frame    ,

Adobe Flash Cheatsheet (CS3) (CS4)

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Use the comma and the period to go backwards and forwards respectively. It helps to remember them as the brackets on keys themselves < and >, but don't actually hold shift when you press them.

F5 makes a new blank KeyFrame

F6 copies your current Frame onto the next one

F7 makes a new blank KeyFrame

You can edit any of these in the Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts to suit your tastes as well.

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F5 for new frame, F6 for new keyframe (duplicate of current), F7 for new blank keyframe. Use the , and . keys to navigate left and right respectively in existing frames.

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