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I work in a Windows only software service company, which just put up an internal contest for innovative ideas for the company. The idea I submitted is to let employees use a Mac instead of the mandatory PC if they wished to. My idea has been selected (among a few others) to reach the next stage of the contest. One of the items requested for the next stage is ONE visual that best illustrates the idea.

While my pitch is rather good (I think), I have a hard time coming up with ONE visual that would be suggestive enough and not too fanboy-ish, or too restricted. That's why I am requesting suggestions.

For reference, some of the points I intend to develop are (not in order):

  • de facto safety (little or no malware)
  • Apple as a company reached its leading position through innovation
  • (bio)diversity is a source of value for a service company, that expands its reach.
  • it makes financial sense
  • the Mac is the most compatible machine, making it a lot easier to test our software (especially web sites).
  • Some OS X technologies can be valuable to a software service company (eg Applescript)
  • Some Apple tools can help us improve (eg Keynote)
  • It's good citizenship for our company as Apple is now best in class according to Greenpeace.

I realize this question may be out of topic here. I'd be happy to have suggestions on where to post this question.

Please do not argue why OS X might be better or worse than Windows. My question is very narrow.


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it's a good question, but not really related to computer hardware or software. you're really asking about graphic design or marketing, aren't you? i don't have any suggestions of where to ask, but you're welcome to look through the list of Stack Exchange sites to see if you can find a place it might fit. –  quack quixote Jun 14 '10 at 11:42

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