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I have several webcams and I have software that will provide a website I can visit and see all of the webcams.

I also want to add voice communication. It can be one way; but I need to, from a remote location, be able to talk and have it come out of my speakers at home.

I don't know of any software that does this in any easy fashion. Can someone recommend something for me? I'm running Windows 7

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Have Skype and an account on the PC running the speakers at home. Have Skype on your end. Set Skype on HOME-PC to auto-answer, and every time you need to output your booming voice over to your HOME-PC, call your HOME-PC Skype account and speak.

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Give eSpeak it's a command line program, so it should be pretty easy to invoke via something like php, asp, or any server side langugage which can run command line.

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