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Title says it all...I'm looking for a video converter that will convert videos to the Zune format, with subtitles and menus other words, I want to be able to play the video, and interact with the menu, etc...Is this possible? Any recommendations/suggestions?

All models of Zune...

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I personally prefer to mediacoder. I find it much easier to use. and all you have to do is use the iphone preset and then go and turn on CC

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If you are referring to a DVD along with the menus and subs - no there are none. Not even the iPhone or Android has this functionality - and I am referring to the DVD menu porting specifically.

You can however, hardcode subs into a Zune-compatible WMV format. Try MediaCoder or Handbrake with a Zune-compatible profile.

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OK. so how do I do it with MediaCoder? – studiohack Jun 15 '10 at 0:15
If you want to hard-code a subtitle into your video, you can do that by going to the Subtitle tab. Just browse for the .srt that you want to add to your video. – caliban Jun 15 '10 at 0:20

for mediacenter you would create an iso of the dvd and use a iso mounter in combination with one of several media center plugins.

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i want to do it for Zune, not PC/Mac... – studiohack Jun 16 '10 at 5:08

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