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I am looking for network simulator (subnets, routers,wireless etc..) to study for an interview that I have.

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You could take a look at these:


visual - netkit


I've use d GNS3 in the past and it was pretty good, I haven't any personal experience with the other two.

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NS2 is the open source standard, while Opnet is the commercial standard. NS2 is gradually being replaced by NS3.

I've used NS2 extensively (while working at Qualcomm) and it's very powerful. See also the entry on network simulation on wikipedia, which also lists these applications.

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Highly recommended NS2. –  Diogo Jun 19 '11 at 14:48
+1 on NS2. The only draw back is TCL but even so, it is worth the effort. –  Sardathrion Aug 22 '11 at 11:50
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There is also Packet Tracer from Cisco (latest version as of June 2010 is v5.3). It is free for Cisco student

enter image description here

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My preference is Omnet++. I'll admit that I've not worked with NS2, but Omnet++ satisfied all my requirements for my PhD research.

Omnet is a very versatile simulator, but the versatility comes at the cost of added complexity. You should already be familiar with C++, and be prepared to write lots of it.

Omnet also contains a rich set if libraries that allow you to model wireless networks, GSM networks, vehicular ad-hoc networks or peer-to-peer networks to name a few.

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