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I have a laptop that supports SATA1 (1.5 GB/sec)

The HDD for it has bad sectors, and I want to buy another one. It seems that where I live, SATA1 notebook HDDs aren't really available (only if you wait for a few weeks for them to be delivered), and they cost more than SATA2 HDDs.

So I was wondering if I buy a SATA2 (3GB/sec) HDD, will it work without problems on my laptop?

The laptop is an HP Pavilion DV6000

EDIT: Are there any downsides to putting a SATA2 HDD into a SATA1 laptop? Is there any reason I wouldn't want to do such a thing?

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Yes, it is backward compatible. (I actually tried/used it in a friend's PC so no, not a copypasta answer.)

The link to prrove this:

The designers of SATA aimed for backward and forward compatibility with future revisions of the SATA standard

From Wikipedia.

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OK. Is there any reason I might not want do do what I want to do? Are there any downsides to putting a SATA2 HDD into a SATA1 laptop? – Ove Jun 15 '10 at 8:02
No, I don't think so. Wait until someone else also writes down his experience. – Shiki Jun 15 '10 at 8:15
@user22559: As a sidenote. CHECK it before you buy. It might not work due to the laptop AND it might have a hardware restriction in the means of size. Just ask for a HDD of a friend, check the BIOS and there you go. If everything seems ok, turn it off. You don't even have to boot that HDD. – Shiki Jun 15 '10 at 9:05

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