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Is there a way to manually edit the cardinality/multiplicity symbols on the end of a database ERD made in Visio? The category I'm using is in Visio 2003 under Database -> Database Model Diagram

I want to be able to go from something like this:

alt text

To this:

alt text

The second graphic was done by manually adding the numbers, but I would prefer to just do it in Visio. Is there any way of accomplishing this?

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Open up your diagram, and goto Database - Options - Document... on the menu bar. From there, access the Relationship tab.

You need to enable the Cardinality option, which (making an assumption here from your first diagram) you will probably have to disable the Crows Feet option to be able to use.

You set the numbers using the options within the Database Properties window/pane when editing the diagram.

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In visio 2013: Right click the connector Choose "Show multiplicity" and number boxes appear

You can do this in Chen's notation - you don't need Crows Foot.

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