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I've installed FreeBSD 8 mounted the cdrom went to cdrom/packages/All

cd /cdrom/packages/All
ls | grep vim 

and nothing appears same if I do

ls | grep xorg
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From what I can tell, if you have the CDROM image, it has only the OS. If you have the DVD, it has the base OS and pre-compiled packages.

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There are multiple CD images: boot to installer only, base OS plus basic packages, live CD. There's also a DVD image with all the aforementioned, and a thumb-drive image. – Chris S Jun 15 '10 at 12:37

On my FreeBSD .iso the /packages/All contains bzip compressed tar files.

cd /media/cdrom/packages/All


bn-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  mn-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
da-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  nl-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
de-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  pl-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
el-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  pt-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
en-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  ru-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
es-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  sr-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
fr-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  tr-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
hu-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  zh_cn-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz
it-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz  zh_tw-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz

These are bzip2 compressed tar files. On the CD the en-freebsd-doc-20090913.tbz just contains documetation.

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