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How do I make a USB flash drive or a flash drive partition so that it would be read-only and less vulnerable to malware? Maybe making the flash drive be treated as a CD on other computer so that its not possible to write any kind of data into it?

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This requires special hardware or firmware support, and is not something you can reliably do with stock flash drives, short of virtually mounting a ISO9660 image file.

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You might want to use Sordum's NTFS Drive Protection tool. It can protect against some (but not all) viruses on flash drives, mainly those that exploit Autorun. The drive does need to be formatted as NTFS for this to work.

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Can you explain what does and include a link to the utility? I took a look at the software in question and it doesn't seem to be spam but an explanation of the function of this software would be really useful. – bwDraco Sep 2 '15 at 22:14

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