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When asking IE to save an HTML page locally, with the option "Web page, complete", an html file is created along with a folder that contains all associated files (images, js, css etc).

An association is created between the html file and the folder, so that when the file is deleted/moved, so is the folder.

First, I'd like to know what this kind of association is called.

Further, I'd like to know how to "unlink" this file-folder association.

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The association you are talking about is called "Connected Files".

You can manage the 'connection' from Windows Explorer's Tools | Folder Options menu. In View tab there is Managing pairs of Web pages and folders option that you can set to your liking. Different options are

  • Show and manage the pair as single file
  • Show both parts and manage them individually
  • Show both parts but manage as a single file

I think that at least IE still saves the folder when using "Web page, complete" as the save type, regardless of the setting.

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