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I have an swf (just a sequence of slides with audio, timing controlled by actionscript) that I want to convert to a compatible YouTube format (flv, mp4, etc.). I've tried using the Moyea SWF4Tube software but when it was converted all of the timing was gone.

I'm fine with uploading as a swf, but the problem was (when I tried) that the codecs weren't appropriate.

Any help regarding this is much appreciated, thanks.

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Youtube hosts videos. You'll have to convert your swf into a flv, mp4, or other format which youtube accepts. All of your actionscript will be removed, there is no way you can keep action script in a purely video format. Maybe if you rendered your video a certain way the renderer might pay attention to the timing or something and render it like you want, but you can't upload a video with actionscript to youtube and expect it to stay in there.

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I'm just going to play it on desktop and screen record it. Thanks. – random Jun 16 '10 at 17:23

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