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I have a PSD for a website that must be sliced. I can not work in Win or OSX box(or a virtual machine).

What are the solutions for editing a PSD in Ubuntu 9.10? Which one do you recommend?

Thank you.

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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) can open PSD files.

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Hmm.. I have tried GIMP, but apparently it doesn't display correctly some of the layers (i mean id doesn't display them at all :) ). I will try a GIMP fork project, called CinePaint. –  Vlad Zloteanu Jun 17 '10 at 9:57
As takeshin said, PSD is a closed format so GIMP probably will never completely offer full PSD support. –  BloodPhilia Jun 17 '10 at 10:11

Well, you may consider buying Windows XP, then buying and upgrade to Windows 7, next buying Photoshop CS3, then buying an upgrage to Adobe Creative suite CS4, and…

or… You may just install Gimp from the command line:


sudo apt-get install gimp

Then click the .psd and you will be happy :)

To see additional goodies for Gimp, try:

sudo apt-cache search gimp

(Note, that PSD format is a closed, Adobe Photoshop specific one. And if you want to use all the Photoshop features like smart objects, nested layer sets, buying is your only option. But for most of the basic use cases - Gimp is fine too).

Good news: I heard that some guys are using Photoshop with wine.

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GIMP won't open all .psd files but Libre office will open .psd files

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