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I love Far Manager. However, it has a feature to quickly go to the root directory of a drive with Ctrl+\. I do sometimes need and use this feature, but more frequently I use Ctrl+ to quickly insert the file name under the cursor into the command line. As it so happens, the key is located dangerously close to \ which is why I sometimes erroneously go the root directory (which then is doubly unfortunate since I originally wanted to work with a file in the directory I was in).

Now I could probably just redefine Ctrl+\ to do nothing, although I still sometimes need that (can be replicated with a quick cd\, though). But Windows Explorer, in the wake of the WWW, provided us with a handy directory history and two separate ways of navigating backwards: backwards through the history and backwards through the hierarchy.

Is there something quick and easy to get back to the folder I were in? This is less of an issue in C:\Users\Me (still nagging) but more so in deeper hierarchies.

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Oh joy. While writing the question (and coming to the directory history part) I stumbled upon the solution myself. Far provides a folder history as well (Alt+F12), so doing a quick Alt+F12, goes back to the previous folder.

I have now bound this to Ctrl++\.

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I made the same mistakes :) – Chad Sep 22 '14 at 2:03

Based on the answer form Joey I did it like this

Used a macro for prev folder / next folder like described in here

e.g. to set prev, start recording by




then go up to next record by

and again


to finish recording.

Bind it to Alt+ and you have Eclipse like prev / next navigation.

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