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I was just wondering if anyone know of a Windows application that will remove formatting from any text in the clipboard? So if I copy something from Word into another document, the content is pasted as the original text without formatting. I want this to work no matter what application I paste into.

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Puretext does everything you want - and only that.

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I achieve this by pasting in to Notepad (or your text-only editor of choice) and re-copying.

Works when copying from anywhere to anywhere.

But, I imagine this isn't quite what you're looking for - but it works...

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As with many small tasks, AutoHotkey is perfect for the job!

   ClipboardTemp = %ClipBoardAll%
   ClipBoard = %ClipBoard%
   Send ^v
   sleep, 30
   ClipBoard = %ClipboardTemp%

Would paste de-formatted text when you pressed control-win-v

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One small caveat that may or may not apply to you: If your text contains Unicode characters, AutoHotkey will get a "downgraded" version of the characters when it reads the clipboard as text. – Bavi_H Jun 18 '10 at 1:09

Try: Ctrl+Shift+V

That's a hotkey that works in many cases. (e.g. I just tried it in Chrome with GMail.)

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