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Is it possible to change the amount of characters that appear in a full screen cmd.exe from 80X25?

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Whoa, haven't seen that in a long time ... guess some people can't get away from XP, seemingly.

Anyway, you can do this right from the command line with

mode con lines=...


mode con cols=...

However, the valid values for both are pretty restricted. I think nowadays you can only choose either 80 × 25 or 80 × 50. But historically there also were 43 lines or 40 columns.

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That did the trick. – Justin Dearing Jun 17 '10 at 21:36

If I'm remembering right, full-screen mode actually changes the display resolution from whatever desktop resolution you have to VGA 80x25 text mode. 80x25 was the DOS mode of preference of yore. I'm pretty sure it can't be changed other than what Johannes pointed out.

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Actually, since the font used in full screen mode had a character size of 9x16 pixels, the actual video mode used to be 720x400. – Bass Jul 1 at 17:03

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