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I'd like to resize a bunch of images of variable size to be 720 by 480. Furthermore, I'd like to have the final image be rotated so that it is right side up. Any tools to help with the resizing at least?

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You can do it right from inside iPhoto - Instructions here

Basically you highlight what you want to resize and export them and set the custom size in the export settings.

As for the rotation, you can do that in iPhoto too, but not automatically I don't think.

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Use Automator. There are actions for Scale Images, Crop Images, and Rotate Images. Detailed instructions here:

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I would like to introduce Resize Sense, our batch image resizer for Mac, Macworld Gem 2012. Many users chose it for the outstanding flexibility and convenience. Just to illustrate: using custom user presets in Resize Sense, you can easily resize many images, each one to several different sizes, and save them in various formats. All this in a single batch operation, in a few minutes! In addition, you can crop any image manually if you wish, and synchronise these crop settings between images.

I am the developer, thus you better check yourself. The introductory video on the product website will tell you exactly what is so special in Resize Sense. A free demo version is available.

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