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I missed typed by scp command - didn't give target remote directory.

scp file root@remote-machine

It didn't say any errors and I don't know whether file is transferred or not . what happened here?

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ls is your friend.. – ThiefMaster Jun 17 '10 at 6:47
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There was no transfer to the remote host. There should be a local copy called "root@remote-machine" in your current directory.

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You didn't include a : and then a filepath on the remote server.

The filepath can be blank (i.e. the default directory), but missing out the colon means it is treated as a local file path and not a remote one.

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It has not been copied to remote host, you've copied the file to file named "root@remote-machine". That's all.

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Thanks,but seems like the file created in local machine called "root@remote-machine". – lakshmipathi Jun 17 '10 at 6:56

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