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I uninstalled an application using AppZapper called PdaNet. It is a tethering application for my phone.

Now every time I login, I am asked if I would like to allow inboud connections from PdaNet by the firewall.

A search for PdaNet with spotlight does not return any results.

PdaNet creates its own Ethernet in network preferences. This hung around after uninstall. I deleted it but it did not make a difference.

Any ideas?

Mac OS X 10.6.4

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From their info page, you need to run a script that will actually remove all the components installed:

If you ever need to uninstall or before you reinstall PdaNet, please run ~/ in your home directory and reboot.

I'm guessing PDANet installed a daemon that's still around, and that AppZapper missed. It's possible you'll see some errors, since you've removed some of PDANet's components, but try anyway.

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