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Getting "ftp error 425 failed to establish connection" when trying to connect to ftp server. Tried 2 ftp clients on 3 machines on same network and none work. However FTP works from home / mobile broadband.

  • No ip blocks on ftp sever.
  • Other ftp servers(differrent ip/hosts) work okay.
  • firewall setup correct, no ports blocked.

Is it possible to use a proxy for ftp a i think it's something with the ISP but taking too long to fix?

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According to an answer on superuser, the problem is that something on the way from you to your ftp server only supports "passive" mode FTP connections. Adding -p to your ftp commandline swiches it to passive mode. Otherwise look up the relevant option in your ftp program.

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Assuming the user/password dialog is successful and you are attempting the GET command, then you get the "Failed to Establish Connection" whiney message, perhaps it is the ftp port number. Sometimes ftp passive ports are range limited, such as using ports 5000-5999. This can be done within your or their router. Either get both ftp's using the same passive port range, or include the command "PASSIVE" within your ftp command dialog.

This passive port limit might be set in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

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