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I tried to run

% mvdir 

earlier and it said command not found. I then ran a search for it and still not found. Is there a place I can download the script for the command, and is there any information I should know post-download to get it to work?

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Linux does not need mvdir. GNU mv operates on both files and directories.

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If you are accustomed to using 'mvdir' to move folders just assign an alias to it.

alias mvdir='mv'

Now, 'mvdir' acts the same as typing 'mv'

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This is more of a 'if you're already used to one way, why learn another' type answer. – Evan Plaice Jun 18 '10 at 5:45
Yes... and if you accidentally move a file instead, you'd expect a command like "mvdir" to error out instead. – Jarvin Jun 18 '10 at 5:50

You probably want to use the mv command for Linux/Ubuntu, assuming you are trying to move a file/directory. mvdir is obsolete.

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what does "mv is obsolete" mean? – quack quixote Jun 18 '10 at 2:03
I'd assume that it's a typo, and that he meant 'mvdir is obsolete' – Babu Jun 18 '10 at 2:14

Here are a couple reference pages of Linux commands:


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