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How can you have International Dvorak for Snow Leopard?

I need A with dots dot O with dots for Dvorak.

OS X has four types of Dvoraks, but none of them is Dvorak International like in Debian and many other Linux and BSD distros.

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I'm using the standard English Dvorak, but can type accents quite easily. For dots over a letter (umlaut), type Option+U, then the letter you want. Option+C is ç, Option+E is for an ´ over the letter, Option+I gives ^, Option+` gives `, etc.

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Yes, the keyboard with deadkeys is definitely the best option, since it is a lot more flexible with many languages than a single "international" keyboard. It is also faster to type with it, since you do not have remember the location of every special letter. – Masi Sep 28 '11 at 21:27

There is a custom made dvorak variation called ArkkuDvorak that I use. It's intended for Finnish but works relatively well for other Scandinavian languages as well.

Here is the keylayout file for OS X that is installed by copying the file into /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ on the system drive.

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Cool — I didn't know anyone else at was making their own keyboard layouts... If I ever bump into Arkku, we'll probably run into an argument about the merits of Dvorak. – user495470 Mar 16 '11 at 23:00

You can use Ukelele to create your own keyboard layouts. The dmg contains Dvorak.keylayout and DVORAK-QWERTYCMD.keylayout, nothing like Dvorak International though.

I don't know about the one in Debian, but there isn't any standard international version of Dvorak AFAIK. The closest thing I found was, but it doesn't have a download for an OS X .keylayout.

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