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I'm running a VM in VirtualBox 3.2.4 in Full Screen.

At the bottom of my screen, there's a small toolbar from Virtualbox. When I'm using my mouse to change windows, sometimes this toolbar pops-up and annoys me because I don't want to edit my VM configuration, I was trying to use the application in my OS toolbar.

I want to use my machine in a way that it simply forgets it's a virtual machine unless I press the Host control combinatio (Right Control + Home) - I don't need a menu hanging out telling me that.

Is there a mode to run my VM or a configuration tweak to do what I want?

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Power off the virtual machine.

Find the machine you want to change in the list of virtual machines.

Right click -> Settings

General -> Advanced Tab

Untick the checkbox "Show in fullscreen/seamless"

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