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I have 300 PNG images with transparency and one background image. All have the same size.

I need to combine each of the 300 PNGs with the background and save as a new PNG. So, I need to create 300 new images created combining 1.png over the background, 2.png over the background, etc.

Is there a minimal pain method for doing this in Photoshop? I have CS5.

thanks for any help.

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There's probably a couple of ways to automate the process, here's one:

  1. Keep the background in the clipboard
  2. Create a new Action (Should be in the same tab as History)
  3. Hit the record button
  4. Paste the background
  5. Go to Layer -> Arrange -> Send to back
  6. Hit the stop button

Now you've got a reusable action.

  1. Go to File -> Automate -> Batch.
  2. Make sure the Action is your new paste action.
  3. Pick your source, I used Folder.
  4. If you want to save it as well, supply a destination
  5. Hit ok.
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wow!!!! great! Fantastic! You are THE man! – SpaceDog Jun 18 '10 at 19:41

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