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I bought one of Intel's SSD a few months back. When I bought it I could easily reach the advertised speed but after a few months it has degraded very badly. Most any action that requires writing to the SSD drive has a 3-5 second pause before it happens. I've read here how you can "recondition" the drive by reformatting and writing zero's through the data. I've tried that to varying levels of success before, but now I'm wondering if there is a way to fix the degraded speed issue without reformatting. It sounds like we need a tool like wiper.exe for mac/linux.

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I found that the best way to reclaim the initial speed of the device was by using GParted and doing a secure erase of the drive. I'm still waiting for Apple to release trim for a more permanent solution.

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What you're looking for is TRIM support, and it seems as if OSX doesn't have that yet.

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I'm aware of this fact, I'm wondering if there is anything I can do in the mean time? – Kendall Hopkins Jun 18 '10 at 21:00

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