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I have a ocz Rally2 flash drive that has stopped working on one computer only (XP SP3). When I plug it in it shows up as E: but in disk management it is not present and if I select properties in explorer then it shows as having zero space available.

I have checked the drive in two other computers, one XP and the other Win7, both show the data and device correctly.

I managed to get it to work once before by removing all the old flash drive instances from device manage

cd C:\WINDOWS\system32

then selecting show hidden devices and all the non connected devices show up and you can remove them. I did that and then was able to get the flash drive to connect properly.

Now I can't get it to attach correctly.

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Sometimes, even if the icon for Removable disc appears under My Computer,the drive may not work properly as the complete capacity will not be mounted in case of inadequate power. You can check this by right clicking on Removable Disc and then clicking on Properties. If one this window, both free and used space is showing 0 KB then this can be the possible problem. In order to fix any issues related to inadequate power supply you can purchase USB Power Hub from any computer store and attach it to the USB port. What it does is that it will convert the low power supplied by USB port to little high power.

But, remember this problem generally happens in case of old computers. Before purchasing USB power hub, you can also try the back port of your computer if you are on Desktop.

It seems as though the computer is suffering from a lack of power. It is an older HP wx8200 dual xeon machine which has a really hot power supply. It is not my computer and the last time I was using it worked fine. This time the machine had been moved into a computer slot in a desk system.

Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.

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