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N00b here, needing to know how to find out if I have opendiff installed. If I don't, how do I install it?

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It is part of the Mac OSX Developer tools which shuold have been included on the CD which came with your Mac. I believe you can also download it from the Apple Developers Site after registration.

Once it is installed you'll find it in /usr/bin/opendiff

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opendiff is a command line tool. So, you should be able to open a terminal, then type opendiff -h. If it's installed, you should see a help file. If not, you'll get a 'opendiff: command not found' error message. I think opendiff is part of Mac OS X - I don't know that you can get it outside that.

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If you're not wedded to some specific feature of opendiff, maybe GNU 'diff' will serve your needs? –  dublev Jun 18 '10 at 19:56

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