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Excel has support for complex numbers, eg: =IMSUM("5+2i","6+2i"), and matrix calculations eg: =MMULT(B7:D9,F3:F5).

However putting complex values into the the cells with existing matrix operations produces an error. Is there a way you can perform matrix calculations with complex values in Excel?

I'm on the Excel 2010 beta on Windows 7 and open to alternative applications.

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You can't combine complex arithmetic and matrix arithmetic in Excel because the complex functions return results in text format whereas the matrix functions require numeric input.

Mathematica (a commercial application) and Wolfram Alpha (online engine from the makers of Mathematica) handles complex matrix arithmetic. Try putting


into Wolfram Alpha. It returns the result (and many other types of info) in graphical format but you can also have it converted to Mathematica text form.

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oh I wasn't aware Wolfram Alpha had matrix support, thanks! – jay Jun 19 '10 at 7:29

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