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I wanted to make a Webcam LAN just like ipCam but this time through pc-pc LAN. Example, PC1 has a webcam, PC2 able to view/use PC1's webcam, PC1 and PC2 are connected via LAN.

Why I'm using this ways?

Using a messenger's webcam might be slow instead of direct connection / LAN. I want to view PC1's webcam faster or in 10/100mbps instead of internet connection's speeds.<

Any recommendation/suggestion softwares that able to do this?

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Yawcam is free, simple and easy to use, and includes these features:

  • Video streaming
  • Image snapshots
  • Built-in webserver
  • Motion detection
  • Ftp-upload
  • Text and image overlays
  • Password protection
  • Online announcements for communities
  • Scheduler for online time
  • Multi languages

enter image description here

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