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I have an Intel D915GAG motherboard from Intel (technical specifications). I installed Windows 7 on in before I realized that Intel does not support running Windows 7 on this motherboard. In fact, according to Intel the motherboard only supports Windows XP. But Windows 7 seems to run just fine. A quick check of the Windows 7 system requirements appears to confirm that the motherboard with operate with Windows 7.

What am I in for in the way of performance? Are there special drivers (unavailable from Intel) that provide enhanced performance, without which the motherboard will perform less than optimally?

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If Windows 7 installed without any problems and there are no devices which are not working in the Device Manager, then I think you're fine.

The fact that Intel has not released any special drivers for this older motherboard is as easily explained by Windows 7 already including all the drivers necessary to use the chipsets on this board.

If it is working then it is working. No?

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That's kinda what I thought. Thanks for confirming. – Robert Harvey Jun 20 '10 at 2:38

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