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Is there anything available for Windows like OmniGraffle that isn't Visio?

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Is there something about Visio you need to get off your chest? :-) –  RBerteig Jul 30 '09 at 8:25
Which did you end up going with? In the same boat. –  blak3r Mar 23 '13 at 23:41
Lucidchart - lucidchart.com/pages/examples/flowchart_software –  Charles Roper Apr 8 '13 at 17:57
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I would suggest Lucidchart. It's a web-based application and supports:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Export to PDF, PNG, JPG, or VDX (Visio)
  • Visio import / export
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Here are several tools that can be used to make drawings in different ways:

  • Dia is an open source diagram editor that is clearly strongly inspired by Visio's UI. I tried it a couple of versions ago and wasn't very impressed. But it looks like I should take another look at the latest version.

  • Inkscape is a vector drawing tool that aims to support the complete SVG standard. It is oriented more towards graphic arts than flowcharts, but certainly can be used for either. I have and use Inkscape, and it meets my simple needs.

  • If you are primarily interested in flow charts and other graph-like diagrams, then it is possible that the AT&T Graphviz tools can be used to create your drawings for you from a textual representation of the graph. I personally use it to draw diagrams that document finite state machines, but it has lots of uses.

  • If you specifically want to draw sketches of possible graphical user interface organizations, then take a look at Balsamiq Mockups. It produces drawings that look like they might have been sketched on a napkin, yet they can be edited and even linked together to produce a mockup of a complex system.

  • Open Office has Draw, which the marketing hype claims can do all kinds of amazing and wonderful things. I haven't used it, and can't make any claims about it.

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Maybe SmartDraw is good for you.

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what you need is Pencil, you can import stencil and even create your own stencil from images.

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