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I launch iDVD (7.0.4), connect my Canon HV20 camcorder (with a FireWire cable), and press the OneStep DVD button. I see the following dialog box:

alt text

When I press OK, iDVD goes back to the startup dialog (with no indication of what's wrong):

alt text

I've tried inserting the blank disc in advance, but that makes no difference.

I've confirmed (using System Profiler) that the camcorder is connected:

alt text

I've tried this on my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.4, and a PowerBook running 10.5.8 with the same problem on each.

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As you found, iDVD doesn't support OneStep DVD from video record in HDV. However, the help page "Burning a OneStep DVD directly form a DV camcorder" does suggest a workaround:

If your camera records video in the high definition HDV format, you can’t use the iDVD OneStep feature to transfer the footage to a disc. Instead, you must use iMovie HD to capture all the footage from your camera. Then, within iDVD, you can add the movie to a project, just as you do with all standard iDVD projects (projects that are not OneStep DVDs or Magic DVDs).

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iMovie HD gave up capturing the video partway through. It seems designed to capture relatively short clips, but not one long recording. See…. – Daryl Spitzer Jun 28 '10 at 6:04
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It's possible that iDVD senses that I have a camcorder that uses "HDV format". "iDVD: OneStep DVD not available for HDV format" tells me OneStep DVD in iDVD 5 doesn't work with HDV, and "iDVD 7.0 Help (iLife '08)" (in the first sentence of the second paragraph) confirms that iDVD 7 doesn't either.

Apple software doesn't usually just fail silently though. I suppose by raising the user experience bar, they've set me up for more disappointment when they don't clear it.

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