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I'm very surprised that even in Linux World, Silent Install is rarely taken into account; a few days ago I was looking for virtual pc vhd silent install and microsoft didn't have.

I'm now looking for Cygwin, all I can find is hack here

Why install is so neglected by authors / software editors ?

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In most Unix variants, programs are always installed "silently". Most Linux distributions and BSD descendants have a "package manager" program, which takes care of installation by just extracting all files from a package to standard locations, without asking anything. (One exception is Debian with its post-installation debconf, but it too can be skipped.)

But Cygwin is not "Linux world". It is just an emulation layer of certain Unix (not Linux*) features, along with a collection of popular Unix programs compiled to run on that emulation layer.

Cygwin's setup.exe is not "Linux world" either. It is a pure Windows program - an installer - and a very poor one, at that.

(Every other installer tool for Windows does have a silent mode, although its activation varies; /s and /silent switches are common.)

* Linux is one Unix-like operating system out of many. There is *BSD, Mac OS X, Solaris, Hurd... While Cygwin may be considered an Unix environment, I certainly would not call it "Linux".

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Windows has silent install mode with msi but nearly nobody cares. If Cygwin did use MSI instead of using their own bad stuff life would have been better. – asksuperuser Jun 22 '10 at 20:51

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