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I have searched for this, and sorry if I missed it elsewhere on here.

My hard drive crashed, so I got a new physical drive and instead of Vista I installed Windows 7 Ultimate - not a restore from backup type of recovery. I reinstalled iTunes and I copied over, from a recent NAS backup, my former iTunes directory..

When I go into iTunes it says that I have another computer activated (the broken hard drive) and that I have 3 activations left. Not a huge deal since I am usually active on one or two machines anyway BUT, how I can deactivate an iTunes account on a broken hard drive? Did I miss something in the copy of the old iTunes folders from the most recent backup? A registry setting? A hidden something?

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Check this out. I have used it a few times. You basically don't worry about it until you have used all 5 up. Then you just re-authorize.

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Ah! Well thank you! I will worry about it if and when I ever get to 5 then. If I find myself in the hands of Apple Support prior to getting to 5, I will ask as the others on there said they did. Cool! – SmartMethod Jun 21 '10 at 2:23

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