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As I have to work on VC++, I've installed Visual Basic 6.0 on my Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit, 1 GB RAM. During installation I got many pop-up messages saying 'Not Compatible' and was also not able to install many header files. I ignored all these and was able to complete the set up. I've also installed the latest patch of VB 6.0 But after rebooting, etc., when I write a program and build one, it says something like 'error.exe'. Thank you. O_o

EDIT: I need to use VC++ for building MFC Applications. I'm working on Vista, is there any alternative for this problem?

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Windows Vista does not support Visual Studio 6, unless you are installing a very specific subset of Visual Basic 6.0 only.

Your question seems to mix VC++ and VB so I'm not sure what your machine state is in, but I can assure you that Visual C++ 6.0 will not run on anything higher than Windows XP.

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Thanks for your reply. I need to use VC++ for building MFC Applications. Is there any alternative for this problem? – Rahul Jun 21 '10 at 7:17
Run a virtual machine with Windows XP, and then install VC++ in there. If you had Windows 7, I'd suggest Virtual XP Mode. – user3463 Jun 21 '10 at 19:33

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