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How do I do SSL on localhost?

How do I do it on live server?

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Assuming you are referring to SSL with HTTP, for testing purposes you need to create a self-signed SSL certificate.

However, you probably don't want your users to get a warning for self-signed cert, so for production environment you might want to get a real, official CA signed certificate.

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Agreed with @Jawa, but for testing SSL on localhost, I would suggest you to look this post

How to implement SSL (https) on localhost

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Link appears dead now – Brad Lee Feb 3 at 14:42

SSL or SSH? I know some people have already given answers on this thread but you could be meaning SSH which is a login system which allows you to login to the server and perform CLI commands and allows you to execute commands and perform server maintenance from a remote location.

PuTTY is a good application of which you can use to connect remotely to a server.

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