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I have a couple different servers running on my Win7 Pro box - IIS at port 80 and a music streaming server (subsonic) running on 8080. Both respond to 'http://localhost' but neither respond to 'http://[myIPAddy]:port'

I've turned the firewall off and get the same result. Windows Firewall w/AS and MS Security Essentials. I've also tried it with my router's 'block anon requests' to off. What else could be getting in the way?

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I guess you need a portforwarding from your router to your win7 box. Should be something like: Forward incoming Port 80 to IPofYourWin7Box on Port 80 and something similiar for Port 8080

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You can check if your server is binding to all IPs by running netstat -na | findstr LISTENING

Binding is OK if you a line like :

  TCP                LISTENING

You server is only listening on localhost if the line look like the following. In this case you need to adjust your streaming server configuration

  TCP                LISTENING
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